3 Useful Tips to Manage Dental Anxiety

January 11, 2024

Does the thought of going to your dentist make you anxious? Does it get worse if there’s a need for the removal and replacement of a damaged tooth? Fear of pain could be one of the main reasons why you despise getting dental treatments. It’s a good thing there’s sedation dentistry in 33304 to help alleviate pain while you undergo dental surgery.  But if your dental treatment doesn’t require dental sedation? How can you manage your dental anxiety?

woman with dental fears before sedation dentistry in 33304

How to Manage Dental Anxiety

Don’t Go to Your First Visit Alone

Not having any idea what’s going to happen in the dental appointment often makes you overthink. Having no one to speak with while you wait for your turn in the clinic can make you feel more scared. You’ll have more time to focus on your dental fears. Allowing someone you trust to drive you home after your first dental appointment also feels great.  

Be More Open About Your Fears

Honest and open communication is one of the most effective ways to get rid of your dental anxiety. When you tell your dentist that you’re scared of anything that involves needles, your dentist will find a way to make you feel at ease about it. Our dentist wouldn’t judge you for your dental phobia.  It'll be easier for your dentist to make the treatment more comfortable if you’re more open.  

Do Your Research

What you don’t know scares you more. You could say you are afraid of having your tooth extracted because you know how painful it can get. But have you thought of the benefits it can give you?  Knowing a thing or two about the procedure you’ll undergo makes a difference.  

dentist with a patient under inhalation sedation dentistry in 33304

Would You Like to Know How You Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry in 33304?

If you want to know how dental sedation works, our team at 1500 Dental can help you. In our pursuit to make dental care comfortable and easy for our patients, we made sure to keep up with dental technology, including sedation. Set your appointment now to learn more.