Fort Lauderdale Teeth Whitening

If you’re like most people, you want to put your best foot forward in both personal and professional situations. A smile that betrays sallow, yellow, and dingy teeth will undo all of the benefits of a lovely outfit or stellar manners. 1500 Dental is proud to offer teeth whitening in Fort Lauderdale.

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What is Teeth Whitening

Fortunately, so many teeth whitening options are available to patients that no one has to hide their smile in shame. Dental technology has accelerated at such a rapid pace in recent years that old-school whitening strategies such as bleaching kits - that can cause considerable damage to teeth and gums - are almost obsolete.

Why Use Zoom®

Available only in your dentist’s office, Zoom® utilizes cutting-edge technology to give your smile the gleaming sparkle and shine of your dreams. Zoom® whitens teeth up to eight shades brighter while protecting enamel instead of eroding it the way other teeth whitening processes do.

Zoom® also comes in a variety of strengths to suit your individual needs and preferences, such as tooth sensitivity and the result shade. Furthermore, this whitener is tolerated much easier and leads to far less discomfort.

Advantages of a Dazzling Smile

Today’s competitive job market means standing out in a crowd of other applicants, and that’s difficult to do if your teeth are noticeably stained, discolored, or are crooked. Unfortunately, appearance matters greatly in the modern business climate, so why not give yourself the edge that a dazzling smile can provide?

Ready to Improve Your Smile?

A dingy smile detracts from your appearance as well as diminishes your self-confidence. Having a great smile also increases your enjoyment of your social scene — imagine not feeling self-conscious when meeting new people in a social context or out with friends and family. Contact us today!