Am I Too Old to Get Braces?

February 2, 2024

If you’re not among the lucky few born with straight teeth, you might be insecure about the shape of your smile. However, dentists in 33304 offer braces as an orthodontic procedure to turn any crooked mess into an aligned confidence booster. Learn the science behind metal aligners and if there is such an age limit to get them.  

patient with braces in 33304

How Do Braces Work?  

Braces are wired metal brackets that go over your smile and correct its shape. This orthodontic device exerts pressure on your jaw and teeth, shifting their position until they’re aligned. Braces can also take care of issues with your bite by changing how your upper and lower jaw close.  

Treatment lasts months or years, depending on the original characteristics of your teeth and jawbone, and you’ll need to schedule regular dental check-ups to keep your braces tight and functional.  

Is There an Age Limit for Braces?

Getting braces before reaching puberty, meaning before age 14, is ideal since your teeth and jaw haven’t yet settled into their permanent positions. However, age is nothing but a number for braces, as you can get this orthodontic procedure at any point in your life. It might take more time for your crowded teeth and jaw to shift, but braces provide life-changing results for teenagers and adults.  

How to Take Proper Care of Braces  

Dentists fix brackets tightly to the surface of your teeth, but it doesn’t mean your braces can’t loosen or fall. Avoid chewy foods like caramel or gum, which can stick to your braces and cause cavities. Brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal to prevent food from discoloring and damaging your smile. Other healthy practices you can adopt are:  

  • Flossing
  • Drinking water
  • Not smoking  
dentist checks mouth with braces in 33304

Do You Need Braces in 33304?  

If your crooked teeth don’t let you enjoy your smile, 1500 Dental can help. Contact our team today and schedule a visit!