Are Dental Implants Really Necessary?

April 18, 2024

Do you know what the common intervention for tooth loss is? It’s dental implants Fort Lauderdale! There are a plethora of reasons for tooth loss. The top reasons include periodontal diseases, tooth decay, plaque and tartar buildup, and – of course – poor dental hygiene.Dental implants are artificial tooth roots attached to your jawbone that can provide your replacement tooth with a strong and permanent foundation. Below are the reasons why it is worthwhile to get dental implants instead of the alternatives.

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The Necessity of Dental Implants

Dynamics of Your Teeth

When you lose a tooth or one of them got infected, and you don’t bother to have it checked out by a dentist, there will be a domino effect of uncomfortable and painful changes. One little change will result in another and another until all of them can lead to a huge dental problem.Shifts in your bite can develop into dental occlusion concerns. Once these concerns advance, you will experience problems that will affect not only the inside of your mouth but also your overall health.

When Are They Necessary?

Dental implants are recommended when you have a lost tooth. Although you can get dental crowns, bridges, or dentures to address this concern, dental implants produce better and more durable results.

dental implants fort lauderdale

Importance of Getting Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale

Aside from offering you excellent aesthetic benefits, dental implants also play a vital role in the overall function of your mouth. They prevent bone deterioration, keep each tooth properly aligned, and support a healthy bite.When a tooth is lost or pulled out due to infection, your jawbone will start to deteriorate since there is nothing that supports it. To preserve every inch of your dental health, it’s critical that you have a complete and healthy set of teeth. The only way to do this is to schedule an appointment with an experienced dentist at 1500 Dental. Contact us today!