Are Lingual Braces Faster?

February 2, 2024

In this era, everybody wants to have things done as soon as possible, including teeth straightening. Generally, conventional metal braces can last up to 2 years to realign your teeth to the ideal position. However, with lingual braces in 33304, the treatment may be faster! Following are some of the major key points that make lingual braces better and faster than conventional braces.

Where can I get Braces 33304?

Advantages of Lingual Braces


Unlike invisible aligners and other orthodontic treatments, lingual braces are permanent. Since these braces are attached to your mouth, they can work their magic over time. Generally, lingual braces take significantly less time when it comes to adjustment visits without compromising reliable results. Also, lingual braces can be an ideal orthodontic treatment for both teenagers and adults because they are not easily seen.


Since the existence of metal braces, there have been many changes on how things should be done–this includes the development of self-ligating brackets. As of this date, orthodontists use specialized dental technology to force your teeth to move to the exact position.Aside from the brackets, conventional metal braces have an elastic tie and archwire to hold the braces in place. In contrast to conventional metal braces, lingual braces have a self-ligating feature that separately attaches to every tooth, making elastic bands and metal ties irrelevant. This type of braces uses the bracket itself to keep the wire in the proper position. With lingual braces, you can enhance your braces’ clinical efficiency, improve dental hygiene, reduce friction, and have faster alignment.

Full Control

Although lingual braces are entirely invisible, you’ll still have full control over your teeth. Because of its self-ligating feature, your teeth will move to their proper position quickly and accurately.

Where can I get Braces 33304?

Looking for Quality Lingual Braces?

Apart from being permanent, self-ligating, and having full control, lingual braces use stronger metal materials than composite brackets. In case you have any queries or concerns about this type of braces, don’t hesitate to contact 1500 Dental and book your first orthodontic consultation. After assessing your dental condition, we can help you decide which type of braces suits you best. Achieve your perfect smile through our help!