Dental Health and Your Immune System

February 22, 2024

Once injury or damage occurs in your teeth, gums, or tooth roots, you may be required to undergo minor or major surgery to bring things to normal. It may be a tooth extraction, root canal treatment, or dental implants in 33304. And if your dental problem or disease is not treated, it can likewise affect your immune system.

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How Dental Problems Affect the Immune System

Gum Disease

Although periodontal disease is considered a gum infection, it doesn’t just affect your gums. It can also cause tooth loss, bone problems, and systemic infection. Gum disease is categorized under four different stages:

  • Gingivitis
  • Slight Periodontal Disease
  • Moderate Periodontal Disease
  • Advanced Periodontal Disease

The first stage is reversible, and this is mainly caused by plaque buildup. The second stage isn’t reversible, but it can still be managed. At this stage, the infection has already infiltrated the bone. As for moderate and advanced periodontal diseases, it can no longer be reversed since the infection has reached your bones, bloodstream, and immune system.

Dental Pulp Infection

Pulpitis, commonly known as inflammation of the pulp, can cause extreme pain and its leading cause is tooth decay. However, dental injury or trauma may also be the reason for such inflammation. If left untreated, this condition can infect the tooth root and create abscesses within the area.Infection in the tooth pulp may also progress and spread to the jaw and sinuses. This is why it’s highly important that you see a dentist before your pulpitis advances to a severe stage will compromise your overall health, including your immune system.

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If you experience constant dental pain and discomfort, it’s best that you consult a dentist to avoid further problems. At 1500 Dental, we’ll be glad to assist you with your dental needs!