Did Your Kids Just Got Their Braces? Here’s What to Tell Them

June 13, 2024

Your children should be thrilled about getting their braces. However, they inevitably feel strange after their dental appointment. It’s important to remind them that getting braces in 33304 is one of the most significant decisions they’ll make in their early years.  

mother speaking to her child about braces in 33304

What to Say to Your Children after They Get Their Braces

“Pain is Temporary”  

Their gums and teeth will hurt after getting their braces. But you’ll need to assure them that the pain they’re feeling is only temporary. You don’t even need to invalidate how they feel. Just let them know that some discomfort is normal, especially during the first few days of wearing their braces.  

“You Just Need Some Time to Adjust”

Another thing that’s normal but temporary after getting braces is a speech impediment. Your kids might notice that the way they pronounce certain letters is altered. They may experience a lisp or difficulty in pronouncing some letters while they get used to their braces.   You can also encourage them to read aloud. It helps them practice speaking with their braces.  

“Your Smile Will Be Beautiful”

Some kids feel the adrenaline of getting braces just because they think of it as a fashion statement. However, they often regret it after getting them and feeling the pain while in the healing process. You’ll need to make them focus on the positive effects of their braces and that the pain will be worth it.  

kids with braces in 33304

Do Your Kids Need Braces in 33304?

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