Help! I Think My Gums Are Receding

January 26, 2022

If your teeth appear to be growing longer as you get older, it's unlikely they're doing so on their own. Your gums are most likely shrinking or receding from your teeth. Gum recession could expose you and vulnerable tooth areas to harmful bacteria and painful sensitivity. If you find that your gums are receding, it's probably time to see your periodontist in Fort Lauderdale.

Closeup of a patient getting their teeth looked at by a Periodontist in Fort Lauderdale

Understanding Gum Recession

The health and function of your gums and teeth are intertwined. The gums not only help to keep teeth in place inside the jaw, but they also protect the tooth roots from disease. However, if your gums recede or shrink back from the teeth, you may lose that protective coating. A tooth that is exposed is more prone to infection, as well as temperature and pressure sensitivity.

Common Causes of Gum Recession:

  1. Periodontal diseaseIt is the most prevalent cause of gum recession. It is caused by a bacterial infection that causes the gums to weaken and recede. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily might help you from getting a gum infection.
  2. Aggressive hygieneWhile vigorous scrubbing may be effective for other cleaning techniques, it is not the best method for daily brushing. Too much force used during brushing can cause gum injury, which can lead to recession and tooth wear.
  3. GeneticsThe thickness of your gum tissue is a genetic trait that you inherit from your parents. People with thinner gums are more likely to have recession as a result of toothbrush abrasion, wear, or injury.

Gum Recession Prevention

Gum recession can be reversed with periodontal treatment or grafting, but it's far preferable to avoid it altogether. See your dentist for cleanings and exams regularly. Brushing should be done regularly and with appropriate techniques.

Man brushing his teeth before seeing a Periodontist in Fort Lauderdale

Are You Looking For a Periodontist in Fort Lauderdale?

With the right dentist and dental team, 1500 Dental can help you get on the right track to avoid gum disease and live a pain-free life. When it comes to your oral health, practicing good oral hygiene and visiting our dental office regularly can help you avoid gum disease.