How Painful Are Dental Implants?

April 18, 2024

Individuals seeking dental implants 33304 frequently express concern surrounding pain. Because this surgery is rather invasive, you might expect considerable discomfort during the healing period, as with any significant dental operation (or surgery in general). It must be strategically planned and gently cared for; therefore, selecting a good dentist is so crucial.

Patient getting Dental Implants 33304

Understanding Dental Implant Care

How to Prevent Infection and Discomfort

The treatment is painless since it is done under a general or local anesthetic, which numbs your mouth entirely. Ask your dentist about the various sedative choices to put you fully to sleep if you're worried about bring conscious for the process.  While a small group of adults experience significant discomfort following surgery (typically as a result of a complication or a failed implant), the majority of individuals find the procedure and recovery to be far less unpleasant than they anticipated. Discomfort can also be felt in the chin, cheeks, or behind the eyes, depending on where it was inserted.

How to Prevent or Relieve the Pain

There are a few things you may do to reduce the amount of soreness you feel throughout the 7-to-10-day recovery period that follows.

  • Rest - Allow the healing process to take its course by getting plenty of rest and avoiding hard activities.
  • Ice Packs - Use an ice pack to reduce the swelling.
  • Saltwater - Bathe your gums in warm salt water but don’t swish or gargle.
  • Painkillers - Take painkillers following the procedure to alleviate the discomfort.
  • Cold and Soft Diet - Avoid hard and solid food to prevent irritation.
  • Careful Brushing and Flossing - Pay special attention to your oral hygiene.
  • Find a Skilled Dentist - Find a dentist or surgeon who has extensive training and experience.
Woman holding ice pack on her cheek after receiving Dental Implants 33304

Think You Might Need Dental Implants in 33304?

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