How to Help Your Child Not Fear the Dentist

January 4, 2024

Children not wanting to go to their dentist in 33304 isn’t something new. While it’s understandable that some kids are afraid of the dentist’s chair, it’s essential to know that anxiety is a serious matter. As a parent, it’s your job to help your child cope with their fears and anxiety about going to the dentist.  

Ignoring this issue today will become a problem when they grow up as adults. While dental anxiety is hard to overcome, there are techniques and methods that you can adopt to help your children cope with it. Here’s how you can help your child not fear the dentist.  

Dentist 33304 checks kid's mouth

How to Help Your Child Deal with Dental Anxiety  

Talk to Them Before the Appointment  

Even if it's a simple checkup, talking to your child before the scheduled date will help relieve their anxiety. Whatever your child might ask you about the dental appointment should be met with honesty and sincerity. You should describe the process as simply as possible so that it’s easy for them to understand.  

Watch the Language You Use

Use simple and kind words when explaining to your child what happens when they visit their dentist. Avoid words such as scary, horrifying, and painful, as these can create an image of pain and horror for your child sitting on the dentist’s chair. Using kind and soft words will create a positive mental image and relieve some of their anxiety.  

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Are You Looking for a Kid-Friendly Dentist in 33304?

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