How to Know if Dental Implants are for You

April 18, 2024

Dental implants in 33304 offer the best opportunity for people to replace lost teeth and restore their self-esteem. Knowing who makes an ideal candidate for dental implant treatment can decide whether this procedure is a great way to address your dental concern.

Where to get Dental Implants 33304?

When to Get Dental Implants

Preserve Bone and Gum Health

Dental implant treatment is the most natural teeth replacement solution available. Other solutions like fixed bridges and dentures are not fused into the jawbone the same way a natural tooth would be. Therefore, the ideal way to guarantee that your bones and gums are protected after a missing or extracted tooth is with dental implants. In short, implants function, feel, and look like natural teeth!

Long-term Results

While other teeth alternative solutions require replacement in less than ten years, dental implants are a lifetime treatment. According to research, dental implants can last for more than 20 years without the need for repair and replacement. Therefore, there is no doubt that implants can provide you with a long-term result. However, their exact lifespan will depend mainly on how well you take care of them.

Missing or Lost Teeth

Most patients who have lost or missing teeth are ideal candidates for dental implants. Although this treatment requires a surgical procedure, the results are permanent! If you choose an implant surgery, you may be required to undergo periodontal disease treatment, a sinus lift, or a bone graft.One of the most popular reasons patients opt for implant treatment is to meet multiple and varying expectations. Whether you only need to replace a single tooth or several ones, implant treatment is your go-to solution.

Where to get Dental Implants 33304?

Talk to a Dentist About Dental Implants 33304

If you lost a tooth or multiple teeth and are in dire need of a fix, contact our exceptional dentists at 1500 Dental! Our team will explain all the teeth replacement solutions–including dentures, fixed bridges, and dental implants. We’ll guide you through the entire process and show you the possible outcomes for each treatment. In this way, you’ll be able to choose the perfect solution for your teeth.