Jaw-Dropping Facts About Black Tartar

March 5, 2024

According to a dentist 33304, black tartar is a sign of tooth decay that should be addressed as soon as it becomes noticeable. It is often caused by the kinds of food and drinks you consume daily as there some that leave stubborn food stains on your tooth's enamel, making your teeth discolor.

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Basic Questions About Black Tartar

What is Black Tartar?

Black tartar forms from dental plaque, but it has a different texture from the latter. It is a combination of bacterial acids, food, bacteria, and saliva from sugary and starchy foods and drinks. Likewise, it is often stuck on your tooth, and regular dental hygiene can somehow prevent plaque from accumulating. However, based on dental patients' experience and every dentist 33304, black tartar is very challenging to remove. Hence, if black tartar accumulates because you don't maintain good dental hygiene, you'll have to seek dental professional help to get rid of it. It is wise to remember that dental tartar and plaque can cause gum diseases and irritate your gums.

What are the Causes of Black Tartar?

When you ask every dentist 33304 about black tartar causes, they will respond to you with a simple answer - black tartar has two roots: external or internal issues. External causes are often due to inadequate dental hygiene, such as the excessive taking of liquids and antibiotics with iron content, and regularly consuming drinks and foods like chocolate, tea, coffee, candies, and sodas. Aside from these causes, external causes likewise include fillings and dental crowns with a silver sulfate content, damaged enamel, plaque buildup, and smoking.As for the internal causes, the most apparent culprit is cavities and decay. The damage begins from the inside of your tooth and works its way out, producing black tartar on your tooth's surface. For instance, a dead tooth or pulp infection may turn black.

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Know About the Symptoms of Black Tartar from a Dentist 33304

To prevent black tartar, it is essential that you know the early signs that cause such a problem. To know more about it, contact 1500 Dental today!