Products You Shouldn't Use to Brush Your Teeth

March 5, 2024

Nothing can defeat the old brush and toothpaste duo when it comes to taking good care of your teeth. However, we are increasingly more exposed to trends that promise to leave our smiles as white as snow, which puts our oral health in great danger. Dentists in 33304 are ready to debunk what some products like charcoal or baking soda claim to do for your teeth and advise against using someone else's toothbrush.

Woman in 33304 brushing her teeth with charcoal against dentist recommendations

Stay Away from These Things When Brushing Your Teeth


The internet has deemed activated charcoal an unmatched problem solver because you can get it easily at any store. This ingredient may be an effective treatment for food poisoning, but it has abrasive compounds that can scratch and harm the enamel in your teeth. If you remove this tooth layer with charcoal, you will expose the dentin behind it, causing sensitivity and making your smile look even more yellowish than before.

Baking Soda

Charcoal is not the only substance that deals a blow to your smile, as baking soda is also a popular ingredient that is equally damaging. This product is great for cleaning kitchen surfaces and clothes, but its composition erodes the outer layers of a tooth, leaving your smile exposed to harmful bacteria and plaque.

Since baking soda also doesn't remove substances that are detrimental to your smile, it can trigger the formation of cavities and potentially cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Someone Else's Toothbrush

Unlike memories or fun times, toothbrushes are not something you have to share with your loved ones. Using a brush that is not yours can expose your mouth to bacteria it's not familiar with, producing a negative reaction.

woman smiling to her dentist in 33304 during a consult

Want to Pay a Visit to a Dentist in 33304?

Our team at 1500 Dental recommends staying away from charcoal and baking soda as solutions for teeth whitening, as well as only using your own toothbrush. We offer professional services to give you a bright smile. Call us to book an appointment!