Root Canal Fort Lauderdale | Tips for Root Canal Post Treatment Care

June 13, 2024

If your teeth cannot be rescued by a dental filling, then we think that a Root Canal Fort Lauderdale treatment is the solution for you. This treatment removes the infected interior pulp to save the tooth from further damage and it usually takes two sessions to complete. The moment you get out of the dental office marks the start of your responsibility for your newly restored tooth! Here are some tips for root canal post treatment care:

Avoid Pressure

Avoid applying pressure on the part of your mouth that youjust had an implant, especially if the crown has not been placed yet. It isstill vulnerable so refrain fromchewing and grinding your teeth together.

Go on a Soft Diet

If you insist on eating hard or crunchy foods, you maydamage the temporary seal that is placed on your tooth before the crown will beattached. In order to avoid breaking the filling or the tooth itself, youmust go on a soft diet.

Allow Your Mouth to Heal

It is a requirement that your tooth and mouth must healfirst before a crown or cap can be permanently placed. This means that it is ina weak state so avoid anything that can irritate it like: smoking, acidicdrinks and too much sweets.

Brush Your Teeth Gently

Be thorough but gentle when cleaning your mouth. Make sureyou brush and floss your teeth gently.

Take Pain Relievers

Because of technology and medicinal advancement only a few percentagesof root canal treatment patients experience pain. If you are one of them, youcan take pain relievers to alleviate your discomfort and lessen the swelling.Call your dentist if the pain is increasing and does not go away even after twodays.

Do Not Skip Dentist Visits

Your dentist will examine the progress of your healing from the treatment, they will also be able to tell if there is anything to worry about. Do not skip dental visits so that both you and your dentist can keep track of your oral health.

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Lookingfor Root Canal Fort Lauderdale?

RootCanal Fort Lauderdale leaves your tooth vulnerable during its healing stage.Make sure to take good care of it before a crown is placed and even after. Makethat smile last longer by practicing good oral health. At 1500 Dental, we aimto provide you with painless root canal treatment through our advanced methodsof pain management. Call ustoday to know more about it or book an appointment online!