Sedation Dentistry 33304 | Do You Need Dental Sedation?

April 17, 2024

No matter how well you condition your mind to toughen up, sometimes our weakness gets the best of us and we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with fear when it’s time to see our dentist. When you are scared to go to your dentist let alone allow them to perform procedures on you, perhaps you need Sedation Dentistry 33304. Let’s learn about sedation dentistry and the different styles they are administered to achieve complete and total relaxation during a dental appointment.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation comprises a number of techniques that are performed to keep the patient calm prior to or during a dental procedure. Patients who are about to get root canals or dental crowns are usually administered with laughing gas to keep their anxiety levels down. However, it is important to know that sedation dentistry is more than just administering laughing gas; you’ll be surprised to know that there are various ways to sedate a patient.

What Are the Different Modes of Dental Sedation?

  • Laughing Gas

Patients are able to stay relaxed and calm during a dentalprocedure when they are administered with laughing gas or nitrous oxide. Sinceit’s gas, once you stop inhaling it, it wears off. And because it wears offeasily, patients who have received this type of sedation are allowed to drive themselveshome after the dental procedure.

  • Oral Sedation

Another type of dental sedation is oral sedation wherein your dentist will prescribe an oral sedative prior to the procedure. The dose will vary depending on your situation.  Some patients take a pill on the night before the procedure while others take it hours before the dental procedure. Nonetheless, your dentist will give you special instructions on the dosage and when you should take it. You will be aware during the operation, but the effect of the sedation will completely relax you.

What Kind of Sedation is Dentists Allowed to Give?

Majority of dentists are allowed to administer laughing gas and prescribe oral sedatives except for general anesthesia where they are required to do complete a special program on deep sedation.

Where is the best sedation dentistry 33304?

Looking for Information About Sedation Dentistry 33304?

Sedation Dentistry 33304 is a great way to help people overcome their fear of the dentist. At 1500 Dental, we are committed to providing you with personalized, high-quality care to improve your oral health. Call us today for an appointment.