Sedation Dentistry 33304 | Sedation Dentistry and Its Different Types

April 17, 2024

A lot of people are scared to go to the dentist and would prefer not to have any treatment. For those who are afraid and avoid dentists like plague, sedation dentistry 33304 may help them ease their anxiety. Sedation can be applied for everything from surgical dental procedures to a simple tooth cleaning.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax during a dental procedure. It is also referred to as “sleep dentistry” though patients are usually awake. The only exception for this is those who are under general anesthesia.

Levels of Sedation

How sedation dentistry is used depends on the severity of the fear. The levels of sedation used include:

  • Deep Sedation – Thepatient is on the edge of consciousness but can still be awakened.
  • Minimal Sedation– The patient is awake but relaxed.
  • Moderate Sedation– The patient may slur their words when speaking and not remember much of the procedure.
  • GeneralAnesthesia – The patient is completely unconscious.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

For those that are scared to undergocertain dental procedures, the use of sedation dentistry is the only way forthem to get the dental care they need. Here are the benefits of sedationdentistry to both dentists and patients:

  • Movement Control
  • PatientRelaxation
  • Increased Comfort
  • Little or nomemory of the treatment
  • PatientCo-Operation
  • Control of gagreflex
what is sedation dentistry 33304?

Is Sedation Dentistry 33304 Right for You?

Before your appointment for a dental procedure, discuss with your dentist your fears and concerns. This will help them understand what type of sedation dentistry 33304 is right for you. Contact 1500 Dental for any questions regarding sedation dentistry.