The Strength of Your Tooth Enamel

November 1, 2021

As a respected dentist in 33304 we can confidently say the hardest and toughest part of the tooth is the tooth’s enamel! However, despite being known for its strength, there is always a possibility of it wearing away from the surface of your teeth. This is primarily due to the acids you’re regularly intaking through foods and drinks. Too much of these acids can remove the enamel that is meant to protect your teeth.

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What Causes Brittle Teeth and How Can You Treat it?


Daily routines that weaken and damage your tooth’s enamel include poor dental hygiene and unconscious teeth grinding. Clenching and grinding teeth not only wear away your teeth’s enamel, it also destroys the alignment of your teeth. Additionally, our dentist 33304 states that cavity formation and tooth decay due to poor dental care can destroy the tooth’s pulp, making your teeth prone to getting fractured or chipped.Aside from poor dental care and teeth grinding – also known as bruxism – there are also unavoidable causes for brittle teeth, such as aging. According to a study conducted by dental professionals, a tooth’s nerves and pulp often shrink as you age. Older teeth are more subject to damage from acidic food and drink, as well as chewing forces that will slowly lead to more a brittle and thinner enamel layer.Another unavoidable cause of brittle teeth is dentinogenesis imperfecta. This is an inherited condition that decreases the strength of dentin. It likewise breaks the dentin away from the enamel, making your teeth susceptible to cavities and tooth discoloration.


To avoid treatments, it is best to start caring for your teeth as soon as you’re through reading this article. If it’s already too late, don’t worry! As emphasized by our dentist in 33304, your teeth’s enamel will not regrow. The bright side is that it can be treated. Your dentist may suggest applying a sealant, fluoride gel treatment, or other fluoride supplements. Teeth sealants are applied to the chewing surface to shield teeth from decay and fractures.

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Our dentists can perform all the treatments stated above. In severe cases, you can even have treatments such as root canals, crowns, and dental veneers. Contact 1500 Dental today to learn more and book your appointment!