Three Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

January 26, 2022

Many people choose to have their teeth straightened to improve their dental health and smile. Even if you had braces as a kid, your teeth may have shifted and become misaligned, resulting in crooked teeth. While bracket and wire metal braces in 33304 used to be the only option for straightening your teeth, there are now more options available for achieving a beautiful smile.   

A woman holding Braces 33304 and clear aligners

Braces vs. Veneers vs. Invisalign®

Which Is the Best Option for You?  

  1. Traditional Braces When we think of braces, we immediately think of the metal wire braces that were popular two decades ago. Traditional braces are no longer what they once were. Although brackets and wires are still used, the brackets are much smaller and use fewer rubber bands to reduce mouth wounds. While many adults do not prefer these, they are widely recommended for children and adolescents because treatment can be completed in as little as 12 months.
  2. Clear AlignersStraightening your teeth with clear aligners is a game-changer. These are used to gently move teeth instead of the pulling that comes with brackets and wires. Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan. For eating and oral hygiene, the liners can be taken out.Because the liners are clear, this is a popular choice for people who want to retain a professional appearance or don't want others to know they're straightening their teeth.
  3. Porcelain VeneersVeneers are the quickest way to a flawless smile, but there are a few things to keep in mind. You may need to return for replacement veneers in a few years, depending on the type of you originally used.

Factors to Think About When Making a Decision

When deciding whether veneers, braces, or clear aligners are the best course of treatment for you, it's critical to have all the facts. To help you make an informed decision, ask a lot of questions about the time commitment you'll need to make, the estimated cost of treatment, the length of treatment, and the possibility of future treatment.

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Think You Need Braces in 33304?

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