What is a Gutta Percha?

January 26, 2022

The go-to endodontic material used for the last several years is what dentists call Gutta Percha. It is used to fill in the canals after the shaping and cleaning procedures during the root canal treatment in Fort Lauderdale. This endodontic material is produced of coagulated latex from the native tree in Malaysia.Such natural material is heated and inserted into the root canal. To know more about gutta percha, read on!

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What's There to Know About Gutta Percha?

Pros and Cons

There are several misconceptions when it comes to using gutta percha, one of which is that it will cause allergic reactions due to the type of latex used. Nonetheless, this idea is misguided. Numerous researchers can prove that gutta percha is a safe material to use as long as is applied correctly.The downside when it comes to this endodontic material is that it may not hold as strong as other dental fillings. Likewise, it may be difficult for your dentist to check any vertical root fractures if you’ve had a gutta percha filling.

Is It Toxic?

This has gained popularity in the root canal world because of its low toxicity. However, there are those who still challenge this common fact, which prompted a lot of professionals to conduct further research to guarantee its safety.Gutta percha may include raw materials and other substances such as zinc ions, zinc oxide, and barium sulfate. According to a study, barium sulfate and other raw materials are not toxic. However, if the gutta percha contains zinc ions and zinc oxide, it may cause toxicity and allergy reactions to some people with standing sensitivities.

Designed in Various Sizes

Since gutta percha has been used for several decades, various sizes have emerged to cater to every patient. When dentists choose gutta percha, they make sure to have various sizes on hand to be ready for any root canal treatment.

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Know More About Root Canal in Fort Lauderdale

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