What Not to Do After Root Canal Therapy

January 29, 2024

Despite their beneficial and life-changing results, surgeries take a toll on your body and require a few days of rest. Root canal therapy in Fort Lauderdale is one of the most effective ways to save a tooth, but this procedure's complexity leaves your mouth vulnerable. If you want your recovery to be as quick and painless as your root canal therapy, steering clear of certain foods and detrimental habits does the trick.

woman-getting-a-Root Canal in-Fort-Lauderdale

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Sometimes, perfectly-looking teeth can hide a painful and dangerous abscess behind their surface. When poor oral habits or trauma result in an infection of the pulp, dentists try to give your natural tooth a second chance by removing damaged tissue, cleaning the surface, and placing a filling. This procedure sounds aggressive and gruesome, but thanks to sedation, it's nothing of the sort. Dental professionals inject local anesthesia around the ill tissue to numb the area, so discomfort and ache won't be in your vocabulary when you describe your root canal.

However, anesthesia won't last your entire recovery process; you'll have to do your part at home by taking over-the-counter medication, placing ice pads over your cheek, and saying no to some foods and practices.

Avoid These Habits After Surgery

Sticky and Hard Foods

Hard and sticky foods force your healing tooth to go the extra mile and exert more chewing pressure, risking an infection or fracture. Stick to soft meals until your dentist gives you the green light to return to your regular eating habits.


Cigarettes have countless harmful substances that lead to infections and slow your recovery, so it's better to save smoking for later.

Harsh Brushing

Brushing your teeth is vital to keep your smile pristine, but doing it too harshly can hurt your formerly-infected tooth and wear off the enamel. Be gentle and avoid hard-bristle toothbrushes during your recovery.


If You Need Root Canal Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, 1500 Dental Is the Place for You

Root canal recovery can be a walk in the park when you don't eat hard foods, smoke, or brush harshly. If you need to undergo this procedure, call 1500 Dental today to book an appointment!