What Not to Do Before Your Dental Implant Surgery

January 11, 2024

Getting dental implants in 33304 could be one of the most significant moves you’ll make for your dental health. Dental implants help restore your smile by replacing a damaged or missing tooth. However, the procedure might not be as easy as you think it is.   It helps to know what things you should avoid before your implant surgery.  

guy refusing alcoholic drinks before his dental implants surgery in 33304

Don’ts Before Your Dental Implant Surgery

Don’t Exhaust Yourself

Dental implant surgery isn’t as simple as teeth whitening or teeth cleaning. Your dentist might even need to work for a longer time – depending on how many implants are required to restore your smile. Having plenty of sleep and enough rest before your schedule will help you feel relaxed.

Don’t Skip Your Dental Appointments.

Even when our dental implant surgery is still months away, this doesn’t excuse you from visiting your dentist. A lot can change, and your dentist must keep track of your dental health status before your dental surgery.   You should remember to continue with your regular dental appointments even if you’re already set for another dental treatment.

Don’t Drink and Smoke

There are substances in alcohol and tobacco that dry out your mouth. If you can’t leave these vices for life, at least try to avoid them 24 hours before your scheduled surgery.  

male patient quitting smoking before getting dental implants in 33304

Are You Ready to Get Dental Implants in 33304?

If you feel ready to undergo dental surgery, calling 1500 Dental is the best thing to do. We have skilled and knowledgeable dental professionals who can assist you with your dental concerns. All you have to do is set your appointment with us.