Why are Regular Dental Checkups Important?

May 5, 2022

Every dentist in 33304 advises their patients to set a regular dental appointment every six months. However, how many patients follow this advice? According to statistics, only 1 in 10 patients observe regular dental visits. Below are a few benefits you get out of dental appointments.

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Why Regular Dental Visits are Important

Detect Other Health Issues

Aside from examining your teeth and mouth, dental check-ups also include a neck and head exam. Your dentist will check for any deformities, lumps, jaws or neck swelling, and other symptoms that may lead to severe health illness. If symptoms are identified, your dentist will recommend you to the appropriate medical professional.

Check for Oral Cancer

One of the most famous reasons why patients follow their regular dental checkups is to watch out for early signs of oral cancer. Once oral cancer is detected at an early stage, you’ll be able to treat it immediately and save cost on medical expenses.

Avoid Gum Disease

According to dental professionals, regular dental visits keep gum disease at bay. Since the early stages of periodontal diseases do not manifest any symptoms, it'll be difficult to detect. Fortunately, dentists are trained and experienced to identify gum disease even when there are little or no visible signs.

Prevent Tooth Decay, Cavities, and Tartar Build-up

No matter how compliant you are when it comes to brushing and flossing, tartar and cavity buildup is inevitable. Since there are places which your toothbrush and floss can't reach, it's important that you regularly see a dentist.He will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and check if there are any signs of tooth decay. Through regular dental visits, you'll know whether you need a fluoride treatment professional tooth cleaning. These dental treatments reverse cavity and decay buildup to protect your gums and teeth from harmful bacteria.

Who is the best Dentist 33304?

Get a Dentist in 33304 to Stay On Top of Your Oral Health

If you follow your regular dental checkups, your teeth and mouth are more likely to be strong and healthy. You won’t be bothered by intolerable toothaches and inflammation. Feel free to come by 1500 Dental to get your regular dental checkup!