Why Do I Need Retainers After Braces?

February 2, 2024

After wearing braces in 33304 for several months or years, your teeth align, and your smile looks picture-perfect. However, the process doesn’t end when your orthodontist removes the metal brackets, as you need retainers to stop your teeth from adopting their former position again. Many patients are unwilling to use retainers after braces, so learn why this part of your orthodontic treatment is important and if you’ll be in pain while wearing them.  

retainers after removal of braces in 33304

What Are Retainers for?  

If you’ve suffered from trauma or used to have certain habits as a child, such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, you might have pushed your teeth and altered the shape of your smile. Braces work by exerting pressure on your jaw and forcing your teeth to shift toward the correct place. The time it takes for this orthodontic treatment to work ranges from months to years, depending on how crooked your teeth are.  

Once you’re ready, your dentist takes your braces off and replaces them with removable retainers. As you grow up, your teeth naturally keep shifting to adjust to some mouth changes, such as wisdom tooth eruption, and retainers keep your corrected smile straight throughout this process.  

Do Retainers Hurt?  

Like braces, retainers can be a bit tight when you first put them on, but the discomfort goes away after a few days. If a week has gone by and your smile still hurts, contact your orthodontist, who will adjust them to fit without causing you pain.  

Other tips you can follow to keep your retainers and teeth safe are:  

  • Brush your teeth and clean your retainer daily
  • Place your retainers in a protective case while they’re out of your mouth
  • Schedule regular dentist appointments  
dental checkup of braces in 33304

If You Need Braces in 33304, Visit 1500 Dental!  

Retainers are a painless and essential part of correcting misaligned teeth. Book an appointment with 1500 Dental today and get braces to restore your smile!