Why Do My Teeth and Gums Feel Itchy?

February 22, 2024

When we talk about an itchy body part, we usually refer to our skin or hair, so it’s strange to hear some people complaining about feeling this sensation in their teeth. Your dentist in Fort Lauderdale explains what lies behind this peculiar symptom, such as having gum disease, too much plaque, or an allergy.

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Reasons Why Your Teeth Itch

Too Much Plaque

When you disregard the importance of adopting proper oral habits, your teeth suffer the consequences. Not brushing your teeth twice a day, not flossing, and eating abrasive foods create the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to attack your smile, leading to plaque build-ups around your gums and teeth. This situation will make your mouth more sensitive to temperature changes and hard foods, making you feel like you need to scratch.

Gum Disease

When your smile is past the point of having a little bit of plaque build-up, and you develop more severe symptoms, like swelling and bleeding, your mouth may be heading straight toward gum disease. Since the tissue surrounding your teeth recedes, it leaves the roots exposed and vulnerable, producing a feeling of discomfort and itch when the wind blows or when you drink an iced drink.


As surprising as it sounds, the remaining common cause of itchy teeth is not related to oral problems but rather to a reaction of the immune system. Certain foods, animals, and things carry particles incompatible with us, triggering our immune response and giving us itchy teeth as a symptom. 

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Looking for a Dentist in Fort Lauderdale that Can Fix This Issue?

Accumulated plaque, gum disease, and even allergies are common causes of itchy teeth. If this symptom is troubling you, dentists at 1500 Dental are qualified to solve the issue and give you back your healthy smile, so schedule an appointment with us!