Alternate Dental Solutions to Root Canal Procedure

January 29, 2024

If you're not comfortable getting a root canal in Fort Lauderdale because of various reasons, don't worry. There are plenty of other dental operations that are as effective as this method and are not as demanding of your time. Here are several other treatments you might want to consider if you're not ready for a root canal.  

man undergoing Root Canal in Fort Lauderdale

Common Treatments

Direct and Indirect Pulp Capping

When a tooth has sustained significant damage because of an accident or cavities to the point where the pulp is exposed, either direct or indirect pulp capping is usually employed. Substances like calcium hydroxide or mineral trioxide produce a mineral barrier for the tooth. This mineral barrier defends and heals the pulp against more harm and potential infection.  

Tooth Removal or Extraction

In cases where your tooth has already suffered significant damage from cavities and can't be saved with a root canal, tooth extraction is one of the most acceptable options. Removing your tooth will prevent tooth decay from spreading to the nearby teeth. Following the treatment, you can fill the gap in your gums with dentures or dental implants.  

It’s important to note that extraction is always considered to be the last option, as the goal is to always save the tooth.


To prevent cavities and tooth rot from worsening, a pulpotomy involves removing the pulp from a tooth. Following the pulp removal, the material is given to fill the hole to speed up the healing process and avoid bacterial infection. Finally, a dental crown or bridge is put on it to restore its coat and shield it from harm.  

Why You Should Take Your Dentist’s Advice and Get a Root Canal

If your dentist recommends a root canal, it's normal to feel anxious or apprehensive about the procedure, but it's crucial to reconsider it. If a root canal is suggested, it's because your dentist thinks it's the best course of action. They've probably decided that other methods might not be as suitable or efficient after examining your tooth.  

woman undergoing Root Canal in Fort Lauderdale

Do You Need a Root Canal in Fort Lauderdale?

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