Clear Choice Fort Lauderdale | How To Achieve A Beautiful Smile

February 27, 2024

Naturally when someone flashes you a smile you smile back because that’s the thing with smiles, it is contagious. But what happens when someone smiles at you but you can’t smile back because you are ashamed of your broken, discolored or worse, missing teeth? Well, Clear Choice Fort Lauderdale can fix this problem for you so you can confidently open your mouth and smile your widest smile at everyone without feeling self-conscious.

Braces For Correcting Bites

When your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth and vice versa it will affect your bite. Braces can fix bite problems and all you need to do is to see an orthodontist. Aside from an overbite and underbite, patients whose top teeth don’t touch the bottom teeth, crooked teeth and teeth that do not meet on each side are excellent candidates for braces.

Dental Cleaning and Whitening

One of the reasons why people are embarrassed to smile is because of their severely discolored teeth. The food and the drinks you consume can affect the color of your teeth. You see, your teeth are able to absorb whatever you put inside your mouth. It makes sense that the dark color of your coffee can stain your teeth. However, this does not mean you can’t have coffee forever. Today, dental cleaning and teeth whitening treatments are available to restore the whiteness of your teeth. All you need to do is to visit your dentist and they’ll have the treatment specific to your problem.

Clear Choice Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

It’s common for people to feel ashamed to smile when they have one or several missing teeth. This problem is an easy fix thanks to the discovery of dental implants. Dental implants are posts made of metal that are surgically implanted to your jawbone where the replacement teeth are mounted.

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If you are frustrated with your smile, you should be happy to know that this problem has a lot of solutions. You can get braces, a dental whitening procedure or get a Clear Choice Fort Lauderdale Dental Implants for your missing teeth. At 1500 Dental, we provide personalized, high-quality dental care to help improve your oral health and your smile. Call us today for an appointment or visit our site to learn more about our services.