Common Questions for a Prosthodontist

February 7, 2024

Your prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale will be a trusty ally in your fight against missing teeth. These dental professionals are the knights in shining armor who fix your smile by designing tooth replacements. However, even the most reliable dentist performs procedures that might raise some concerns. Check out some frequent questions to ask your prosthodontist before undergoing a procedure.

Prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale making dentures through a machine

Ask These Questions to Your Prosthodontist

How Will My Smile Look After Treatment?

Before saying yes to any dental procedure, ask your prosthodontist how it will affect the way your smile looks. Usually, tooth replacements will work wonders on your jaw, mouth, and teeth. However, knowing what to expect is a great way to deal with your concerns and motivate you. If possible, ask for before and after pictures of former patients to better understand what’s to come.  

Is The Procedure Painful?

Aside from knowing how you’ll look on the outside, you’ll be more relaxed before getting your teeth fixed if you know what you’ll feel during the procedure. Thanks to sedation, patients nowadays feel slight pressure and discomfort at most when in the chair. Yet, if your dentist can detail what can happen and what they do to ease the pain, you’ll tackle the procedure more confidently.

How Should I Take Care of My Teeth After the Procedure?

Once you get your dental anxiety in check by learning about the procedure and sedation, you can ask about after-care tips for your surgery. Learn how much time you should rest and what you should and shouldn’t do after the surgery. Usually, getting ready beforehand by placing ice packs in the freezer and buying over-the-counter medication and soft meals will save you many troubles after your procedure.

Prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale making dentures

Looking for a Qualified Prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale?

Asking questions to your prosthodontist expert in Fort Lauderdale can strengthen your bond with them and make you undergo procedures with poise and confidence. Call us today to learn about the best tooth replacement procedures for you.