Treatments Performed by a Prosthodontist

February 9, 2024

Do you know what kind of dentist restores the comfort, function, and aesthetics of your teeth? Prosthodontists are the ones responsible for restoring these three factors with the use of artificial teeth. These artificial substitutes include a wide range of restorations such as dental implants, bridges, crowns, veneers, dentures, and fillings. The restorations are practiced by every prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale to treat facial problems, improve patient’s aesthetics, anchor other dental restorations with dental implants, substitute missing teeth, and restore injured teeth.

Who is the best Prosthodontist Fort Lauderdale?

What are Common Prosthodontics Treatments?

Fixed or Removable Partial Dentures

Otherwise known as dental bridges, fixed dentures are more expensive than removable dentures. They offer the most natural results despite being attached to dental implants. As for removable dentures, this treatment offers the same results as the former. However, it is often availed by patients who are not considered good candidates for fixed dentures.

Complete Dentures

Aside from partial dentures, prosthodontists also conduct complete denture treatments. It is a full-mouth dental replacement constructed for patients who have lost several teeth. The lack of teeth may be due to poor dental hygiene or teeth trauma. If you want to get complete dentures, it’s important to remember that getting used to it will take time.

Dental Bridges

This prosthodontics treatment is designed to address the concern on missing teeth. Dental bridges may be implant-supported or tooth-supported. Nonetheless, the most common type availed by patients is the tooth-supported dental bridge.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the oldest forms of dental intervention, and they are also one of the most consistently successful. Since they are formed from an impression of the tooth and fabricated outside of the mouth, often in a laboratory or factory.

Dental Veneers

This restorative treatment can offer the most striking change in a patient's smile. The front teeth imperfections and discolorations are covered with a continuous, wafer-thin shell that is made of a resin or porcelain tooth-colored material.

Who is the best Prosthodontist Fort Lauderdale?

Other Treatment Plans of a Prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale

Aside from the aforementioned dental restorations, prosthodontists can also treat sleep apnea problems, snoring disorders, and jaw problems. If you’re interested to learn more about other prosthodontics treatments that will restore your beautiful smile, book an appointment with 1500 Dental!