Dental Implants 33304 | Steps to Recover Successfully from Implant Surgery

January 17, 2024

Taking care of yourself and your implants after surgery can greatly impact how fast you heal. Recovering is a vital part of successful dental implants 33304 because it is in recovery that Osseo integration slowly begins to take place. If you want to avoid infection and losing your implants, here are some steps to recover successfully from dental implants:

Refrain from Smoking

Refrain from smoking if you want your implants to be successful. Smoking allows bacteria into your mouth which could fester in the surgical area. If this happens, your gums may swell and get infected. Aside from delaying your healing, this may even be the cause of why your implants will fail.

Avoid Exhausting Activities

During post-op, it is important that you avoid exhausting yourself. Strenuous activity can cause the surgical area to open up and bleed. This could trigger inflammation in the gums. This is the time for you to recuperate so take as much rest as you need.

Take Your Prescribed Medicine

If you’re one of those people who stop taking prescribed medication the moment they feel better, even if there are still a few tablets left to be finished, you should stop doing this. Especially if you’re dealing with antibiotics, you should finish the prescribed dosage to avoid the risk of infection.

Nourish Your Body with Soft Nutritious Food

Avoid irritating your surgical area by staying away from foods you need to chew. Strictly follow the soft-food diet but also make sure that it has nutritional values to aid in faster healing. Incorporate vitamin C, protein, zinc, carbohydrates, and vitamin A into your diet.

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