Dentist Fort Lauderdale | Common Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

February 9, 2024

Dental and oral health is an important part of your well-being. If you are not paying attention to your oral health, it can lead to dental problems such as gum disease and cavities. If you are avoiding going to the dentist Fort Lauderdale because of dental cost, you will end up paying for expensive restorative procedures later on if you end up with few missing teeth or dental emergencies.

Symptoms of Oral and Dental Issues

Some dental problems don’t show any signs of symptoms in its early stage. Don’t wait for dental emergencies to happen before seeing a dentist. Regular dental visits will allow your dentist to diagnose a problem before it gets worse. If you are experiencing some of the following signs and symptoms of dental health problems, visit your dentist as soon as possible:

  • Swollen or bleeding gums after flossing or brushing
  • Sores, ulcers, or tender areas in the mouth that won’t go away after a week or two
  • Chronic bad breath

Common Dental Problems and Prevention

Dental problems are never fun and may disrupt daily activities. Fortunately, most of them can be easily prevented. It can also go a long way of prevention if you educate yourself about common dental problems and their root cause. Here are common dental problems and how to prevent them:

  • Tooth Decay – Brush twice a day, floss daily, and regular dental check-ups
  • Periodontal Disease – Brush twice and floss daily and routine dental check-ups to prevent further complications
  • Tooth Sensitivity – Can be a sign of a cracked tooth or a tooth abscess and a visit to the dentist for treatment is necessary
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Preventative Measures with a DentistFort Lauderdale

Dental check-ups from childhood to adulthood are very important to prevent the development of oral and dental diseases. For more information about how to properly address dental issues, consult with a dentist Fort Lauderdale by scheduling an appointment with us at 1500 Dental.