Dentist Fort Lauderdale | Three Easy Ways to Reduce Cavities

February 9, 2024

When it comes to your mouth, you can never be too careful. Cavities are typically thought to be an issue for children only, but adults are just as susceptible as kids to them. Thankfully for you, if you have them you can get them treated by a dentist Fort Lauderdale.

Brush and Floss Daily

One of the single most important things you can do in order to reduce cavities in your mouth takes care of it. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. Plaque typically takes 24 hours to start growing again after each brushing, so brushing twice a day is the best way to ensure that there is little to no plaque growth.

Cut Back on Your Sugar Intake

If you are not willing to brush or floss your teeth, you’ll need to do something else to reduce the risk of cavities. Sugar is one of the things that really encourages plaque growth. If you are someone that eats and drinks a lot of sugary products, you’ll need to cut back or eliminate a lot of things from your diet in order to prevent cavities.

Go to Your Scheduled Dental Visits

Brushing your teeth and reducing sugar in your diet are both great ways to reduce cavities but the best way to ensure everything is okay in your mouth is to keep up on your regularly scheduled dental visits. If you don’t stay up on your visits, there could be any number of things wrong with your teeth. If you know you are someone that doesn’t take the best care of your mouth, seeing your dentist regularly might be the only way you can save your teeth from larger issues later on.

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