Do Braces Change Your Face Shape?

February 2, 2024

Over 4 million people in the US wear braces, which is one of the most sought-after and effective orthodontic treatments. Braces pressure your jawline and teeth to correct their position and give you an aligned smile, yet few patients know that this process can also lead to changes in your face shape. An orthodontist in 33304 can explain why getting straight teeth results in face enhancement and which other benefits come with wearing braces.  

orthodontist in 33304 checks patient's teeth

How Do Braces Affect Your Appearance?  

Only a lucky few get perfectly straight teeth when they grow up, as most people suffer from at least a slight misalignment. If your dentist says it’s time to start wearing braces, they stick metal brackets to your teeth and hold them together with a wire. Braces apply pressure on your teeth and jaw, and, little by little, this force moves your pearly whites back to where they belong. Braces can also correct an underbite or overbite, changing the position of your upper and lower jaw when you close your mouth.  

By shifting different parts of your mouth toward their original position, your jawline, chin, and lips also move and change, giving you an enhanced, more attractive look.  

Benefits of Wearing Braces  

Aside from altering your once sunken face and crowded teeth, braces also improve oral health. When your teeth are misaligned, bacteria have more hiding spots to accumulate and cause tooth decay. By straightening your smile, you decrease your chances of getting cavities and other dental problems like gum disease.  

Other advantages of wearing braces include:  

  • Speech improvement
  • Bone erosion prevention
  • Better digestion  
patient shows her braces to an orthodontist in 33304

Visit an Orthodontist in 33304 to Align Your Smile!  

Braces can straighten your smile, enhance your face shape, and protect your teeth and gums from dangerous bacteria. If you want to correct your smile, 1500 Dental can provide the needed orthodontic treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our services and book an appointment.