Is it Easy to Adjust to Dentures After Getting Them?

January 26, 2024

Dentures in Fort Lauderdale are an effective dental solution that can address missing or lost teeth. If you just had your dentures, here’s what you can do to adjust quickly.

How to Get Used to Dentures

Follow your Aftercare Plan

One of the most significant things you can do to adjust to dentures in Fort Lauderdale quickly is to follow your post-extraction plan. Since everyone heals differently and at a different pace, following the post-extraction idea suggested by your dentist is essential. The post-extraction plan includes going to scheduled appointments for necessary adjustments, following aftercare instructions, and taking prescribed medications.

Try Using an Adhesive

Dental adhesive and creams may also help you adjust quickly to dentures in Fort Lauderdale. You can experiment on which applications work best for you. However, you should never substitute adhesive for dentures as this will only lead to a lot of dental concerns.

Exercise Your Cheeks

The muscles in your cheek help control the food that gets into your mouth. Performing regular cheek exercises will build your flesh and give you increased control over your dentures.

Learn to Chew

According to orthodontists, learning to chew with your dentures on efficiently will take approximately 4-8 weeks. Although dentures in Fort Lauderdale only occupy about 25% of your natural teeth, they are far more efficient than having damaged or missing teeth.Learning how to use your dentures effectively will take much practice. Start with soft and natural foods and slowly work your way to harder foods. Take small bites and make sure to use both sides to guarantee that your dentures remain stable. Additionally, when biting hard foods, see to it that you use the corners of your teeth instead of the front teeth.

Realistic Expectations

Like traditional braces, dentures in Fort Lauderdale will feel awkward and inconvenient. You will have to learn some aspects of eating and speaking naturally. It’s common to feel uncomfortable and uneasy as you’re still adjusting to your dentures. The good news is that it’s only temporary.

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