Orthodontist 33304 | Methods of Correcting Your Teeth

March 5, 2024

If you’re someone who is suffering from misaligned teeth, asymmetrical jaw, or overcrowded teeth then you might want to see an Orthodontist 33304. Crooked teeth are difficult to clean so it is more susceptible to decay and other problems. Unaligned jaws also cause discomfort and other jaw issues. There are different ways to fix this depending on your dental situation. To know which one suits you best, here are some methods of correcting your teeth:

Fixed Braces

Braces are the most common way of aligning your crooked teeth. This is suitable for people with mild to severe tooth misalignment.  It is usually made out of metal but there are other options, like ceramic or clear plastic braces. Depending on your situation, but the average time needed to wear braces before you get those perfectly straight teeth is 2 years.

Removable Braces

This type of braces is suitable for those people who only need minor adjustments, asa part of the fixed braces treatment, or to stop children from thumb sucking.In order to see results within the set dental treatment plan, you should avoid removing it often.

Functional Appliances

This is for people who have issues with their upper jaw, lower jaw and the positioning of their teeth. It is important to wear your functional appliance properly sothe treatment will work. Also, pay attention to the specific instruction of your orthodontics regarding how and when to wear them.


Headgears are usually worn at night or only for a few hours during the evening. This type of solution is for people who need to correct their back teeth or to keep the back teeth in its place while the front teeth are getting treated. It will also be impossible to eat or drink with headgears on.

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