Red Flags When Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist

March 20, 2024

When you visit your dentist's office, you should feel your smile is in good hands. Therefore, you must be aware of sketchy attitudes that a qualified dental professional never adopts.

Unlike cosmetic dentists in Fort Lauderdale that give you a beaming, healthy smile, unprepared dental professionals work with old technology, don't request your dental records, and don't show you before and after pictures.

Cosmetic Dentist tools Fort Lauderdale

They Don't Ask for Your Medical History

Dental records are the key to an excellent oral examination and treatment, so only unqualified dentists don't request them upon a patient's first visit. Revising your dental history allows a new dentist to see what you've already been through and how your former dental professionals intervened. Acting without previous information may worsen the condition of your mouth, causing tooth decay or gum disease, so beware of this attitude when meeting a new dentist.

Their Office Isn't Clean

If a dentist ignoring your dental history isn't alarming enough for you, seeing dirt and filth in their tools and office will surely do the trick. When a cosmetic dentist does not clean what they use to fix your smile, chances are you will get severe infections after surgery. Looking at non-sterilized machinery can also give you dental anxiety, which will make you uncomfortable before any dentistry procedure.

They Don't Offer Before and After Pictures

Any cosmetic dentist's office should be pristine, but they should also provide before and after pictures of former patients who got procedures to enhance their smiles. A dental professional who refuses to show you what they did to other people might be hiding something. Always look or a cosmetic dentist's credentials and gallery to ensure they will do a top-quality job with your mouth.

Patient at Cosmetic Dentist office Fort Lauderdale

Looking for a Qualified Cosmetic Dentist in Fort Lauderdale?

An interest in your medical records, an immaculate office, and a smile gallery signal that you are in for a top-quality dental ride. If you want to get a desirable, shiny smile, our team of dentists is a perfect fit for you. Book an appointment today!