Root Canal Fort Lauderdale | Common Root Canal Questions Answered

January 29, 2024

During your last dental visit did your dentist recommend that you undergo root canal Fort Lauderdale? If so, it’s probably because the soft tissues inside your tooth are already severely infected. A root canal is a series of treatments that involve the removal of the infected pulp in order to protect your remaining tooth from getting infected and inflamed. The majority of people are scared to get a root canal and the most common reason is that they don’t have a full understanding of this treatment.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

Root canal therapy is only painful if it’s not performed by a competent endodontist. In fact, the job of the endodontist is to stop the infection from spreading. Once the decayed pulp is successfully extracted pain relief will be achieved. The pain stems from the nerve tissues that have been damaged. The purpose of a root canal is to rid your tooth of the damaged tissues, disinfect the area and completely seal it.

How Many Sessions Does a Root Canal Treatment Require?

The number of sessions needed to complete a root canal therapy will vary depending on the severity and extent of the infection but in most cases, root canal therapy can be completed in just one to two dental appointments.

What Happens If You Don’t Push Through with Root Canal Treatment?

Thousands of people are scared to receive treatment without realizing that root canal therapy is the only way to give them pain relief. Nonetheless, if an infected pulp is not removed the infection will spread and will create an abscess. When an abscess is already present then it means the infection has already traveled to your jawbone and its nearby tissues. If you delay getting treated the bacteria will infect nearby teeth and the infection will spread to your face, mouth and it may even reach your brain.

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Need a Root Canal Fort Lauderdale?

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