Root Canal Fort Lauderdale | What You Need to Know Before a Root Canal

June 13, 2024

Are you experiencing pain whenever you eat or put pressure on your teeth? Do you have tooth sensitivity that lingers? Have you observed any lumps in your gums? If you’re experiencing all these then it might be because your tooth is extremely decayed that it infected the soft tissue inside the root canal. But don’t worry because you can still salvage your tooth and get rid of the infection through root canal Fort Lauderdale treatment. Before getting a root canal treatment, here are the things you need to know.

Why is it Necessary?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when you have an extremely decayed tooth, infected soft tissues in your root canal, faulty crown or a crack in your tooth. The goal of this treatment is to restore your damaged tooth without the pain of extraction.

Will it Be Painful?

You do not have to worry during the procedure because your dentist will give you local anesthesia to help you get through. If you’re concerned with the pain after the anesthesia wears off, you will notice that it is nothing compared to the pain you’ve experienced before getting the procedure. You may also notice that your tooth is sensitive for a couple of days but consider this a normal response. This can be treated using pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

What is the Average Cost?

The average cost for root canal treatment ranges from $500- $1300. It varies depending on the difficulty of the procedure, number of roots and if the patient has dental insurance.

What is the Success Rate?

Root canal treatment has a 95% success rate. The remaining 5% is usually caused by a crack in the tooth or an incomplete restoration that allows an infection to fester again in the area. In cases like this, a root canal retreatment can be done to fix it.

who can help me with a root Canal Fort Lauderdale?

Where to get Root Canal Fort Lauderdale?

Make sure to find the best endodontist to avoid having a root canal retreatment. Find the right one at 1500 Dental. At 1500 Dental, we are a team of dedicated professionals who aim to provide our clients with personalized, high-quality oral care. Contact us today for an appointment or for any inquiries!