Root Canal Fort Lauderdale | Why a Root Canal Treatment is Necessary

January 29, 2024

A root canal Fort Lauderdale treatment is one of the solutions in treating damaged nerve or pulp without having the need for extraction. Patients usually experience a specific type of pain but there are some who doesn’t. Aside from pain, here are some other common reasons why a root canal treatment is necessary:

Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

If you feel extreme tooth sensitivity, even after the source of the cold or heat has been taken away then you might need a root canal treatment. This specific type of pain is a symptom that is associated with a tooth that has damaged pulp or nerve. The pain attacks anytime and can progress to severe headaches.


An abscess is a result of an infection that forms pockets of pus at the end of the roots. It usually manifests in a form of a bump (similar to a pimple) which you can see on your gums. If left untreated, it will continue to infect the neighboring bones and tissues. Although antibiotics can suppress the infection from spreading, only through root canal Fort Lauderdale can remove the infection completely.  

Deep Cavity

You can’t really tell the extent of the decay in your tooth unless you see a dentist. There are cases wherein decay reaches deep into the pulp of the tooth which causes inflammation and infection. Root canal treatment removes the infected nerve to get rid of the inflammation.

Trauma or Fracture

Another cause of a damaged nerve at the roots of a tooth is if it was hit with great force. The intense force can cause the nerve to be damaged badly and eventually, die.

Root Resorption

This is a condition wherein the dentine and cementum dissolve away as a result of trauma or injury. This needs to be addressed ASAP before it can affect neighboring tooth structure. There are no symptoms so the only way to find out if you have this condition is through x-ray.  

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