Signs of a Qualified Prosthodontist

February 7, 2024

Trauma or lack of proper oral habits can take away the health of our permanent teeth, making them fall or loosen and forcing you to visit your prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale. However, not every dentist specializes in this field. Before visiting these professionals, learn what makes them different from a general dentist and what you need to look for in a qualified one, like qualifications, a smile gallery, and positive reviews.

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What Does a Prosthodontist Do?

After getting their dental degree, a prosthodontist takes it one step further and does a specialized three-year training. This experience allows them to be ready to return severely-damaged teeth to their pearly-white glory or to fix a missing tooth problem through implants, bridges, or dentures.

What Should I Search for In a Good Prosthodontist?


Essentially, additional certifications are what distance a prosthodontist from other dental professionals. When you look for a top-quality prosthodontist, ensuring they have the credentials to show their specialized training is a must. You can also ask your general dentist about trustworthy dental professionals they know in this field.

A Smile Gallery

A trained prosthodontist will not only be proud of their credentials but also of the smiles they’ve fixed. Before sitting in this dental professional’s chair, search for before and after pictures of former patients’ mouths to see how natural-looking and beaming their new smiles look.


If before and after pictures are not enough for you to believe that a dental professional is a prosthodontist, try asking around for references. When someone gets a shiny smile after tooth decay and gum disease have taken away their permanent teeth, they are likely to tell their family and friends about the professional behind those positive results.

Before booking a consultation, talk to former patients to see if their new mouth has them smiling or frowning.

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Are You Looking for a Prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale?

A prosthodontist with qualifications, a smile gallery, and positive referrals is bound to give you a dazzling, healthy smile. Our team of specialized dental professionals is ready to fix your mouth, so book an appointment today!