What Age Can You Start Wearing Braces?

January 10, 2024

Many people believe that the right time to get braces is when you are in your adolescent years or when your permanent teeth start to grow. However, dentists who specialize in braces in 33304 will advise you that braces can be worn at any age. After all, this orthodontic treatment is about fixing and repairing crooked and misaligned teeth.  

If you’re unsure whether you can wear braces at your age or not, here are some facts about braces that you need to know.

a man with braces in 33304 holding a magnifying lens 

Facts About Wearing Braces

Is There an Appropriate Age for Braces?

No, there’s no such thing as an appropriate age for braces. This is because the primary purpose of getting this orthodontic device is to improve hygiene and straighten crooked teeth. However, while there’s no age requirement for getting braces, kids who need braces to straighten their teeth need to have permanent teeth.  

What Are the Other Uses of Braces?  

While the primary purpose of getting braces is to correct misaligned and crooked teeth, it can be helpful in other ways. In addition to crooked teeth, a patient may need braces for the following reasons:  

  • Facial imbalance  
  • Teeth that protrude  
  • Problems with the jaw and teeth  
  • Speaking difficulties  
  • Teeth grinding  
  • Bad bite or malocclusion  

When Is It Too Late to Get Braces?  

Although there’s no age limit to getting braces, there are certain conditions that don’t allow a patient to get braces. One reason a person can’t get braces is that they don’t have enough teeth for this orthodontic device to attach. Another condition that prevents patients from getting braces is severe gum disease or periodontal disease.  

a dentist checking a patient's braces in 33304 

Do You Need Braces in 33304?

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