What to Expect After a Root Canal Treatment

January 29, 2024

A root canal is done to clean the chambers of your teeth deeply and might include irritating the surrounding nerves and gums. While some make it out to be a big ordeal, a root canal in Fort Lauderdale is actually not that complicated. However, preparation is always helpful. It’s like foreseeing what you’ll need to do to avoid post-op shocks and trauma. Three of the top expectations are listed below for your guidance.  

patient undergoing root canal treatment in Fort Lauderdale

What Happens After a Root Canal

Post-Op Pain

It’s okay to feel pain after the surgery, but it shouldn’t last too long. After all, a root canal should help you avoid pain related to decayed or fractured teeth.   It’s normal to experience pain a few days after your surgery, but if the pain persists, it’s best to call your dentist for a consultation.  

You’ll Need More Time to Relax.

One good thing about getting your root canal is that it gives you a valid reason to take more time for relaxation. Keeping up with your daily exercise routine is also discouraged, for it can stress out your gum tissues – slowing your recovery.   Any other strenuous activities should be avoided after your root canal surgery to prevent incidents like injuring your dental crown.  

More Dental Appointments

Getting your root canal done doesn’t mean goodbye to dental visits. After your oral surgery, you’ll be expected to still visit your dentist regularly for follow-up checkups. Your dentist can identify if the surgery went well and if your gums are correctly healing through this.  

male patient getting root canal in Fort Lauderdale

Almost Time for Your Root Canal in Fort Lauderdale?

If you are about to get your root canal, 1500 Dental can be of great help. Our skilled dental team is proficient in ensuring that our patients get the proper dental care they need. You can set your appointment with us for a consultation.