Who Are the Best Candidates for Dental Implants?

March 8, 2024

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. You probably won't feel comfortable smiling if you’re missing one or several teeth. Besides affecting your appearance, confidence, and self-esteem, missing teeth can lead to serious oral health issues. With dental implants in 33304, you can have a chance to start over and achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. However, this tooth-replacement solution isn’t for everyone. We’ve compiled the qualities of a good candidate for dental implants.

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Qualities of a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

Sufficient Bone Density

During a dental implant surgery, the dentist inserts the biocompatible implant post into the jawbone. Over time, the bone fuses with the implant via osseointegration, creating a strong and stable foundation for the replacement tooth.  

A good candidate for a dental implant should have a healthy jawbone to support them. It can become loose if a strong jawbone doesn't reinforce the implant. Although patients who suffer from bone loss in their jawbone may still get dental implants, they'll need to undergo a bone grafting procedure to rebuild their jawbone.

Dedication to Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing, flossing, using an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash several times a day, and ensuring bi-annual dental visits can help prevent infection during the implant procedure. For these reasons, patients committed to oral hygiene and regular dental visits are excellent candidates for dental implants.  

Healthy Gums and Teeth

Healthy gums are crucial to implant success because the dentist works closely with the gums during the procedure. To ensure the best possible outcome, underlying oral health issues, including cavities and gum disease, must be addressed before implant surgery.


Smoking hinders healing and increases the risk of infection after implant surgery. It reduces blood flow to the affected area, impairs the immune system, and interferes with bone growth and regeneration. Consequently, dentists advise patients to stop smoking before and after the procedure to maximize their chances of success.

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Considering Dental Implants in 33304?

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