Why Dentists Talk to Patients During Treatment

February 9, 2024

You are sitting in the dental chair with what appears to be around seven dental devices in your mouth. Despite this, your dentist in 33304 continues to try to converse with you. How are you supposed to answer their questions when you can barely move your tongue?  There’s a lot more to say about why dentists chat to their patients during exams - and we'll admit that there's one reason why they do, whether they recognize it or not.

Dentist in 33304 performing dental work on a patient

Dental Talk: Why Dentists Do It

 How Talking During Exams Reduces Dental Anxiety

Your dental checkup takes time, and for an anxious patient, the procedure can appear to drag on indefinitely. Patients who are counting down the seconds until the exam is over may get more nervous if they have to wait silently. Having someone with whom you can have a pleasant discussion can help you relax and focus on the exam at hand. Some doctors adopt a similar strategy for youngsters who are afraid of needles: they talk to them throughout the injection while performing it as swiftly as possible. Making these preventative health actions less of a huge issue helps people relax. The dental chair is nothing to be afraid of.

How to Communicate and Get Along with Your Dentist

If you find it difficult to communicate with your dentist while having your teeth cleaned, try nonverbal communication. A simple thumbs up or acknowledgment grunt can go a long way. Put your hand up if you're in discomfort or want your dentist to stop. They'll understand right away. Dentists are specialists at this type of patient communication, and they'll keep an eye on you to make sure you're relaxed.  A dentist's schedule is often somewhat full at the same time. There just isn't enough time at the end of an exam for you to have a comprehensive conversation - at least not one that includes topics other than your oral health.

Dentist in 33304 looking at a patient's teeth

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