Should You Accompany Your Kids to the Dentist?

March 8, 2024

If you constantly ask yourself this question, it’s not a bad idea to accompany your child to the dentist. If it's your kids' first dental appointment, you should definitely be there. Whether they are getting their teeth cleaned or extracted, your presence will make a tremendous difference. If you aren't convinced yet, here are some reasons why you should make time for your children's dental visits.  

little boy waiting for a dentist in Fort Lauderdale

3 Reasons to Accompany Yor Kids to Their Dentist

They Behave Well

Kids are naturally born curious and enthusiastic. They tend to pick things that are new to them, and when it gets worse, check every part of everything. But when you're around, they behave like they're at home. They'll remember how you discipline them, preventing them from doing unlikely things while in the dental office.  

They Become Less Afraid

If your kids are not yet familiar with the dental office and dental procedures, they develop this fear for the unfamiliar. Just seeing the dental equipment in the office could scare them. However, your natural calming presence can help them overcome their dental fears.   When you're around, they'll feel that they have backup support and that no one can hurt them.  

You'll Feel Better

Going with your kids assures you that they're in good hands and will be brought home safely after their treatment.

little girl being treated by a dentist in Fort Lauderdale

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