Adjusting to Dentures

February 27, 2024

When you get dentures in Fort Lauderdale, there’s no better feeling than seeing your new smile and having your health and function restored! But, many patients aren’t prepared for the learning curve that comes with having a set of dentures. However, with all the benefits of smile restoration, a short adjustment period is well worth it! Here’s what you should know when adjusting for dentures.

Where are Dentures Fort Lauderdale?

Good Dental Hygiene is the Key

Take Care of Your Gums and Teeth

Aside from brushing your dentures at least once a day, dentists recommend that the oral device should be soaked every night in a mild cleaning solution or room temperature water. After cleaning your dentures, you may also want to rinse it with non-alcoholic mouthwash to fully remove any lurking bacteria.

Rinse with Saltwater

In case you feel pain or sensitivity after first getting your dentures, you can rinse your mouth with salt water to relieve discomfort and keep your mouth free from sores or infection. You can also eat cold foods or drink cold beverages to relieve pain or inflammation. Also, if the discomfort gets worse and it’s not possible for you to see the dentist, you can take over-the-counter medications for swelling.

Singing will Help

Although it may seem silly, speech therapists support the notion that singing in your home or somewhere private, can help. It allows your tongue and cheeks to adjust to the feeling of dentures in your mouth.

Periodically Remove Dentures

Removable dentures should be taken out multiple times a day. This should be done within the first few weeks from when you had your dentures put in. Likewise, periodically removing dentures in Fort Lauderdale will allow your jaw, cheeks, and gums to rest.As soon as your dentures are on, don’t forget to ask your dentist for guidelines on what to do. Aftercare tips may differ depending on the condition of your teeth. Hence, it’s important you follow the guidelines and schedule on how long to wear your dentures. These guidelines and schedules will prevent irritation and sores from growing in your mouth.

Where are Dentures Fort Lauderdale?

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