Can All Crooked Teeth Be Fixed?

February 21, 2024

After a certain age, you start to wonder if your smile has a compliment-worthy appearance or if it’s time for a makeover. Crooked teeth might force you to hide your mouth in public and give bacteria a perfect home to cause dental problems. Learn if an orthodontist in 33304 can deal with all misalignment issues and which solutions are available to provide you with a dreamy smile.  

orthodontist in 33304 checks patient's teeth

Can an Orthodontist Correct All Crooked Teeth?  

Genetics or bad childhood habits push your teeth and shift them from their original positions. As a result, your smile becomes twisted and overcrowded, creating pockets where plaque and tartar build up daily. Luckily, dentists can correct any misaligned smile with a fitting orthodontic procedure. As long as your oral health is in check, dental professionals provide treatments like braces and clear aligners to give you a Hollywood-like grin.  

Types of Orthodontic Procedures  


Braces are the most traditional and effective way to put your pearly whites back in their original position. Braces handle even the most troublesome teeth by pressuring your facial bones. Dentists attach metal brackets to each crooked tooth and adjust your braces throughout your treatment. After several months, your smile will look as beautiful and straight as ever.  

Clear Aligners  

Aligners are a more sought-after orthodontic treatment nowadays, as they can correct your teeth while barely noticeable. If you want to see results, you should use this orthodontic device at least 20 hours a day and only remove it to rinse it and to eat. However, clear aligners work best for slight misalignments, so your dentist might recommend sticking to braces if your teeth are severely crooked.  

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Looking for a Skilled Orthodontist in 33304?  

Some crooked teeth might seem impossible to fix, but it’s all a matter of choosing the proper treatment and orthodontist. 1500 Dental can give you a smile that will make you confident again, so call us today and schedule a visit.