Does Age Affect My Chances of Getting Dental Implants?

April 18, 2024

Patients worldwide hold dental implants in high regard for their natural-looking appearance, permanent results, and resistance to cavities. Unfortunately, this fix for missing or misshapen teeth can't help everyone. Age is one of the many factors that define if dental implants 33304 are what you need or if you have to look for other fitting alternatives.

3D image of dental implants in 33304

Am I Too Young for Dental Implants?

One of the requirements patients must follow to get dental implants is that their jaw needs to be fully formed. When you are underaged, this bone has likely not finished developing, and you may lack bone density, so you may not be a suitable candidate for this restorative procedure. But there's a silver lining: the pace at which our bones form differs from person to person, so you may be younger than the average implant-ready patient and still be able to get dental implants.

Book a consult with your dentist and get dental X-rays to determine if you can get your implants or if waiting until after you graduate high school is a more reasonable choice.

Am I Too Old for Dental Implants?

Like younger patients, older people need to have enough bone density to receive dental implant surgery. Once we reach a certain age, bone and cartilage in our bodies erode and break down, leaving us with less jaw to place teeth replacements. If a dentist considers that the bones in your mouth cannot support dental implants, they may offer partial or full dentures as a suitable option to restore your smile.

dentist in 33304 discussing dental implants with a patient

Looking to Get Dental Implants In 33304?

Both children and the elderly suffer from a lack of confidence and different oral health issues because of their missing teeth. At 1500 Dental, our team provides restorative dentistry services that go from dental implants to dentures and crowns, so give us a call to find out which treatment is the perfect fit for you.