Recognizing Signs of Dental Anxiety

January 11, 2024

Many people can go in and out of their dentist's office without feeling an ounce of fear, but for others, seeing a dental professional is as terrifying as spiders, blood, or the dark. Experiencing dental anxiety is one of the main reasons kids and adults don't get much-needed oral treatment. Former traumatic experiences, sweating, and shaking are clear signs of dental anxiety, which dentists can treat with sedation dentistry in 33304.

 A patient showing dental anxiety signs before sedation dentistry in 33304

How to Tell If You Have Dental Anxiety

Past Bad Experiences

Although experiencing dental trauma due to former dentist visits isn't a symptom of dental anxiety per se, it gives rise to this fear and triggers physical responses. From seeing a drill or blood when you were younger to being uncomfortable during a tooth extraction, some patients believe all appointments end in pain and feel anxious before visiting a dental professional. However, anesthesia and sedation ensure you don't feel a thing regardless of the procedure, so you can change your notion about dentistry.


If you're sweating and it's not hot outside, chances are your body is reacting to your fear of dentists. Your body gets ready to fight or flee the terrifying situation when you're scared. During this response, you release adrenaline, and your temperature rises, inducing sweat. Sweating is a symptom your dentist can notice, but be vocal about your dental anxiety so they can help accordingly.


Aside from being sweaty and remembering old traumatic times, your body might also start twitching when you become scared. Fear triggers an adrenaline rush that contracts and relaxes your muscles quickly and makes you shake. Not only does this symptom leave you tired and uncomfortable afterward, but it also gets in the way of your dentist trying to perform a procedure. Sedation dentistry can help you relax and stop your body movements, letting dental professionals work their magic.

 A patient showing dental anxiety signs before the dentist offers edation dentistry in 33304

Sedation Dentistry in 33304 Can Help You Overcome Your Fear!

If you remember bad memories, sweat, or shake every time you see a dentist, our team can help you overcome your fear with sedation dentistry. Contact us today!