The Perils of Ill-Fitting Dentures: Consequences and Solutions

March 20, 2024

When it comes to dentures, a proper fit is essential for comfort, functionality, and oral health. Unfortunately, ill-fitting dentures can lead to many problems that affect your daily life. That's why it's crucial to seek the expertise of a prosthodontist in Fort Lauderdale—a dental specialist who focuses on restoring and replacing teeth.

In this blog, we will explore the consequences of wearing ill-fitting dentures and provide solutions to help you regain comfort and confidence in your smile. Let's delve into the world of dentures and discover how proper fit plays a vital role.

Prosthodontist Fort Lauderdale showing a denture model

The Consequences of Ill-Fitting Dentures

Oral Discomfort and Irritation

Ill-fitting dentures can cause oral discomfort and irritation. When dentures don't fit properly, they may rub against the gums, leading to sore spots, inflammation, and even painful ulcers. This discomfort can make it challenging to eat, speak, and perform everyday activities comfortably.

Difficulty Eating and Speaking

Wearing ill-fitting dentures can impact your ability to eat and speak properly. Loose dentures may move around or slip out while eating, causing difficulty chewing and affecting your ability to enjoy certain foods. Inadequate support from the dentures can also affect speech, leading to slurred or unclear pronunciation.

Bone Loss and Jaw Alignment Issues

Poorly fitting dentures can contribute to bone loss and jaw alignment issues over time. When dentures do not fit snugly, they can put uneven pressure on the underlying bone and gums, leading to bone resorption. This can result in changes to the jaw structure, facial appearance, and overall oral health.

Seeking Solutions for Ill-Fitting Dentures

Professional Denture Adjustment and Relining  

A prosthodontist can evaluate your dentures and make necessary adjustments to improve their fit. This may involve relining the dentures by adding a new layer of material to the base, ensuring a better and more comfortable fit against the gums. Professional denture adjustment and relining can address minor issues and improve overall comfort.

Denture Replacement or Upgrade

In some cases, ill-fitting dentures may require replacement or an upgrade to a more suitable type of denture. A prosthodontist can assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate solution, such as implant-supported dentures or precision dentures. These options provide better stability, comfort, and functionality.

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