Top 3 Reasons Not to Skip Your Braces Check-up Appointments

February 2, 2024

Your braces help a lot in straightening your teeth. Having braces is one way to achieve your dream smile, apart from a healthy oral care routine. More often, you tend to be more complacent when it comes to your dental visits after getting your braces done. But do you know that consistently visiting an orthodontist in 33304 becomes more vital after getting your braces?  

orthodontist in 33304 checking a woman's braces

Why You Shouldn't Skip Dentist Appointments

Your Braces Need Adjustment and Tightening

A big part of your orthodontic treatment is frequent dental visits to adjust your braces. Skipping your checkups means missing necessary adjustments to help guide your teeth to their proper positions – requiring more time for your treatment process.  

Your Teeth Are Harder to Clean with Braces

There are a variety of ways on how you can clean your teeth with braces. However, you'll never want to rely on brushing and flossing alone. There could still be food particles stuck under your braces that you can't see and can't be reached by your toothbrush.  Visiting your dentist also means getting your teeth and braces cleaned regularly, keeping you away from cavities and plaque.  

Your Orthodontist Needs to Know How You're Doing.

Though your braces are done well, your orthodontist would still require you to be back in the office multiple times. It is to ensure that your mouth is getting along well with your dental braces.   Regular braces checkups allow your dentist to see any other needed dental treatment you'll need to undergo to achieve a fully beautiful smile.  

female patient with braces seeing her orthodontist in 33304

When Was the Last Time You Visited an Orthodontist in 33304?

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